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Building trust through eID


DigitalTrust is in the business of securing the process of digital transformation by adding the element of “Trust” in the digital world. Trust is enabled through our innovative value propositions to the key stakeholders of country-specific Digital ecosystems, including the eID providers, Citizen Service Providers, etc.

Why DigitalTrust

World over Governments are adopting Transformational Digital Technologies to ensure faster, secure and efficient service delivery to Citizens and Businesses. This Digital Transformation is revolutionising the relationships between Government, Citizens and Businesses.

We are passionate about building a vibrant, high growth and a leading high-performing organization. We believe in "Global Thinking, Acting Local". In all things we do: We have high focus, deep market insight, domain understanding, excellence in execution, and strong differentiation.

Bommireddi Ramamohan ReddyCEO & MD

Identity and Trust are the corner stones of such transformations. Realising this, governments have decided to own the Trust factor by rolling out large scale citizen eID/Digital ID projects to ensure “Identity” and “Trust” across the government/business ecosystems.

However, eID/Digital ID rollout is only the first step. Post issuance effective utilisation of eID/Digital ID is imperative to ensure Trusted service delivery to citizens and businesses, which in turn would lead to 'legally valid trust chain' in the country.

and this is where DigitalTrust comes in…

DigitalTrust achieves this Trust in Digital Transformations through products and services, integrated with country-specific eID/Digital ID initiative(s), while achieving the compliance with the local Cyber /ID laws.


Team Digital Trust


A bunch of focussed technocrats striving to create value and outdo ourselves, that’s what we are. Challenges and Innovation are a norm, rather than an exception with us.

Team DigitalTrust has over 200 Man Years of experience in delivering innovative products and solutions in multiple countries based on their National eID. The team has been part of mulitple Award Winning Product Lifecycles and won product certifications.



Bommireddi Ramamohan Reddy

An entrepreneur, technocrat and firm believer in creating value, Mohan is widely recognised and highly acclaimed expert in the field of eID/Digital ID & Security Strategy consulting. As Founder & CEO, he leads Team DigitalTrust with visibly raw passion to create value and innovation.

He has had a myriad of diverse experiences in technology and entrepreneurial zones in his ~30 years of career across Middle East, Asia-Oceania and Africa. He led the teams providing security and strategy consulting to multiple eID initiatives.

Mohan is also a “Governing Council Member” of Telangana Cyber Security Centre of Excellence setup by Data Security Council of India (DSCI). Apart from leading DigitalTrust; Mohan is an avid reader and passionate about mentoring entrepreneurs.

“Mentoring is the professional world’s equivalent of parenting. You wish to share your experiences, learning and watch in delight as they grow in front of you and achieve greater success", he says.


Years of Journey

  • 2017-Present

    Continued (and strengthened) Strategic Engagements with Federal Identity and Citizenship Authority (ICA), UAE, in the areas of building Emirates ID card SDK/toolkit/middleware and eID/biometric validation and verification services through our local JV partner – Dhabi Quest Solutions L.L.C

    Technology transformation of our current IAM product into multiple products/services that can be delivered as subscription based services - “Digital Trust Services Platform”

    Multiple customer acquisitions in government and banking sectors

    Augmented Senior Management in Business Development

    Key business and technology partnerships established built a platform for scaling in UAE; Continuously exploring ENTRY in to multiple other countries

  • Prior to 2017

    Operated as a Business Unit in Magnaquest Technologies Limited

    Strategic engagements in Malaysia and UAE – Nation ID authorities

    Multiple key customer projects in government and banking sectors

    Built the first versions of the product(s)

    Product certifications – Common Criteria (CC) EAL 1,2,4

    Won APITCA 2009 product award in the category of best of security

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