Professional Services


Professional Services



We offer services and support to help strategize and guide your enterprise to transform "digitally connected enterprises" into "eID/Digital ID integrated digitally trusted enterprises". We have over a decade of experience in leveraging eID/Digital ID technologies to enable TRUST in the digital world.


The portfolio of our professional services include:

  1. Building and implementing organizational strategies for eID/Digital ID integrated transformation of enterprises into "Trust-Enabled Digital Enterprises"
  2. eID/Digital ID Integration support for existing Applications & Devices
  3. eID/Digital ID integrated Digital trust for Existing Web, Mobile, SaaS Applications & Desktop Applications
  4. Cross-Platform eID/Digital ID API/SDK Development & Integration Service for Legacy Applications, Smart eID/Digital eID cards, etc.
  5. Cross-Platform & Device Independent Multi-Biometric Services
  6. eID/Digital ID integrated (Trusted) mobile applications
  7. Migration from Rudimentary eID integrations to Generic eID SDK/middleware